Sanshinkai Aikido

Sanshinkai Aikido is a combination of three martial arts:

  • Aikido
  • Hojo Kata from Kashima Shinden Ryu Jikishinkage-ryu
  • Genkikai

It is a didactic educational system that was developed Masatomi Ikeda sensei, 7th dan and Hombu Dojo shihan. The mission of Sanshinkai Aikido Europe is to develop this system of Ikeda sensei. It is a harmonious whole martial art designed for the modern man’s 21st century.

Ikeda sensei is the master who constantly developed this system with enthusiasm, diligence and accuracy, without calling into question the Aikikai Aikido. Observations of nature and man inspired him. His previous experience in judo and sumo had influenced his work. Ikeda sensei maintained close contact with his students and shared his knowledge with great enthusiasm. His humility and warmth makes it expenses will be a great companion. In 2002, unfortunately sensei Ikeda fell ill and had to retire from Aikido. Currently he is living in Japan.

The glossary for Sanshinkai Aikido is available in the following languages: